July 14, 2020
Wonder Woman 1984 plot leaked and why Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman 1984 plot leaked and why Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman 1984, a follow up to the wildly popular film by Patty Jenkins has been delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. That makes Wonder Woman one of many films to have delayed release date, along with Tenet, A Quiet Place Part 2, and No Time To Die.

wonder woman 1984, wonder woman 1984 poster

Wonder Woman has a special place as a role model, In the hearts of millions of girls. Patty Jenkins says “for me, it is not all about creating a new character, but to inspire and empower women”. Wonder woman is a better tactician and smarter fighter than everybody else. She has been trained to fight for a long time in so many battles.

We are going to cover the film’s delayed release date, plot and cast. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right into it.

Wonder woman 1984 release date

According to a poster shared by Patty Jenkins, the film was set to release on June 5. But the release date was postponed because of ongoing pandemic all over the world. More than ten films have postponed their release date because of COVID-19. Now the film is set to release on 2nd October. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for no more delays.

Wonder woman 1984 Cast

wonder woman 1984 full cast
wonder woman 1984 full cast

Warner Bros announced that Gal Gadot will be returning to play Diana/Wonder Woman. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, his role is unclear though, and Robin Wright as Queen Hippolyta, Diana’s native cousin who plays Antilope. We will also be seeing Wonder Woman’s arch-rival Cheetah played by Kristen Wilg and at last Pedro Pascal will play as Maxwell Lord.

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Wonder Woman 1984 plot and trailer breakdown

Wonder Woman 1984 obviously takes place in the 80s as the title implies. We see Wonder Woman also working in the same museum before going to work at the louver the black because it keeps the continuity with the first Wonder Woman film, Batman v Superman and all the other things DC have set up.

Kristen Wiig Cheetah Wonder Woman 2

wonder woman 1984 cheetah
Cheetah aka Barbara Minerva

According to previous trailers and previews we may see Cheetah played by Barbara will be working as an archeologist alongside the Wonder Woman in the museum. We see cheetah as an awkward and funny scientist at the beginning of the film. Cheetah aka Barbara Minerva doesn’t start out as a villain, but she turns into a tragic villain by Maxwell Lord.

Wonder Woman Villain Maxwell Lord Explained

Maxwell Lord is not a telepathic as seen in comics, but he is obviously the main villain. The biggest question that comes to our mind is what will be his superpowers? As Pablo Pascal and Jenkins explained that his character will be closer to the original version of the comic book. Maxwell lord from league of justice international, when he was first introduced in the comics. Jenkins says she set the movie in the 80s because it was such a period of excess greed and so you will see all of it in his character.

maxwell lord, wonder woman 1984
Maxwell Lord

In the film, he wants everything money, fame, and respect. We also see Cheetah and Maxwell together a lot and during the preview pictures we see both of them staring at the black rock object on his desk. From this scene we can sense he learns something about the rock and things that will give him some kind of special powers that makes all his greedy desires into reality. Maxwell Lord is a power-hungry maniac and possess mind control powers in comics.

Why does Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord?

why Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord
why Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord

Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord in “Wonder Woman #219”. Maxwell Lord is able to control Superman with his mind and uses him against them. Seeing that even if she defeats Superman, he will still remain under Maxwell’s control. In the midst of battle with Superman, who now thinks that she is Doomsday, she manages to escape from Superman and confronts Maxwell. When she uses her lasso on Maxwell, she demands to free Superman, but he replies “kill me”. In response Wonder Woman kills Maxwell Lord by snapping his neck. In the movie, there is no information on Maxwell lord, whether he will be killed or not.

Diana vs cheetah

gal gadot, wonder woman, wonder woman 1984, wonder woman wallpaper

In Wonder Woman 1984 trailer we see Wonder Woman wearing golden-winged armor from the comics. What makes her golden wings powerful is that it is enchanted with god-level magic. Her golden-winged armor implies that she will use during her big action fight against cheetah. Cheetah and Wonder Woman has the biggest and longest rivalry in the comic books. She is one of her infamous villains in the comic books.

Wonder Woman 1984: Is Steve Trevor really back?

steve trevor, wonder woman steve trevor
Steve Trevor

I know most of the fans are wondering how Steve Trevor is back. Well, there are many theories out there, but this one theory fits the entire storyline. Jenkins is not lying when she says “this is real Steve Trevor, not any imposter, and he is alive during the movie”. Jenkins and other actors are saying Steve Trevor’s return is maybe connected to the black rock object we see in the trailer of the Wonder Woman 1984.

What’s next after Wonder Woman 1984?

We all are wondering what will be next after wonder woman 1984. What about Wonder Woman sequel, Wonder Woman 3? According to Jenkins they are going to make another wonder woman three, but they are not doing as another period film. So it implies that the next Wonder Woman will take place somewhere near present day.

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