August 11, 2020
the a list season 2

The A List Season 2, Episode 1 release date, cast, plot and Why is Mia immune to being controlled?

The A list, a thriller teen drama created by Dan Berlinka and Nina Metivier, follows the story of group of teenagers arrives to a mysterious island for summer camp but find themselves in a twisted nightmare. The series was first launched on BBC iPlayer before getting an international release on Netflix. 

The A list cast of season 2

Eliie Ducklesas Amber, main antagonist of the series.
Miaas Lisa Ambalavanar, protagonist of the series.
Devas Jacob Dudman
Alexas Rosie Dwyer
Brendan as Michael Ward
Zacas Jake Kane
Magsas Nneka Okoye
Kayleighas Savannah Baker
Harryas Benjamin Nugent
Petal as Georgina Sadler
Lukaas Max Lohan

Is the A list going to have season 2?

After, BBC backed out from launching second season of the A list, Netflix quickly came to the rescue. According to Nina Metivier, who created the series with Dan Berlinka, told Deadline that she has started developing the second season for Netflix since the BBC pulled out itself from the project.

The A list season 2 plot – what will be the storyline?

the a list season 2, the a list season 2 spoiler

The story starts when group of teenagers head for a summer camp on a mysterious island, Peregrine. The series revolves around Mia and Amber, who both are competing for the title of “queen bee” of summer camp and also competing for the guy named Brendan simultaneously. However, Mia notices that Amber is slowly turning everyone against her. Something starts to smell fishy about Amber and the island, Peregrine. 

Amber is later discovered in the series as Midge, who died the year before on the island. 

In season 2, we’ll see whether Mia will make everyone out of Amber’s spell and rescue everyone from the island, or she herself will become the next victim of the midge.

Who is Luka in the A list?

Luka played by Max Lohan, is a criminal, who is trapped on the island. He meets Mia when she is thrown out of the camp. In episode 12, Mia turns to Luka for his help to escape the island and evil Amber.

Who does Mia end up with in the A list?

Mia and Dev or Mia or Luka? One of these ships might end up as couple in the series. It’s still too early to say whether Mia will end up with Dev or Luke as both are quite popular with fans.

How does the A list end?

In final episode we learn that amber is actually a midge and was created from a mysterious chemical on the island. The last episode ends with Mia nearly thrown off the cliff by Amber. However, Mia seems to be immune from Amber’s power.

Why is Mia immune to being controlled? 

We see in the last episode that Mia is immune from the influence of Amber. Amber’s manipulative powers were useless against her. Maybe she has her own powers, or she had enough exposure of chemicals on the island. Nobody clearly knows the answer to the question. Whether Mia is immune to being controlled, or she has some untapped abilities in her. The answer is possible only when the show comes back for season 2.

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