July 14, 2020
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Now you can switch between multiple Gmail signatures

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Now you can switch between multiple E-mail signatures but only for Gmail users. This feature was recently rolled out for Gmail users so that users can switch signatures according to their needs. It’s easy and this feature lets you be more flexible with your emails.

Swapping between multiple signatures doesn’t seem to me so much useful at first. But think, suppose you have only one mail and you are using that one mail for both your friends and clients. You cant respond to all of them with same signature. if you decide to respond to your friends with some goofy quote signature that will make them laugh, but you can’t do the same with your clients. You respond to them with a digital business card. In this scenario, this feature lets you switch between your multiple Gmail signatures.

How to switch between your multiple Gmail signatures?

First of all, you must have multiple signatures. Go to your settings menu and look for it under the “General” tab. Scroll down and you will find a signature section. If you already have a signature, it will show as “My Signature”. Click “Create New” to make a secondary signature. At last save the changes.

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Now you have multiple signatures and you can switch between them whenever composing a new email. You can also switch signatures on the fly from the pen icon in the formatting toolbar.

Choose between different email signature you have composed already or you can choose nothing. This pen gives you access to the signature settings quickly so that you can change signatures on the fly.

And this is how you can sign your email in different forms or if you have to switch between Gmail signatures. Best of luck!

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You can also see this video for more help

video from Goldy Arora

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