July 14, 2020
transfer facebook image with google photos

Now you can easily copy Facebook images to google photos – here’s how

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Facebook launched a tool on Thursday that will make easier for users in the US and Canada to transfer their images and photos to Google photos. This tool was first introduced last year but this is the first time introducing in the US and Canada.

The process is quite easy. On the desktop log into your Facebook account and tap on the arrow on the upper right corner to access your settings. Then tap on the ‘Your Facebook Information’ menu on the left and select ‘Transfer a Copy of your Photos or videos’.

From there you have to select a destination for your photos. At the moment Google photos is the only option available. Then log into your Google account, confirm the transfer and you are done.

The process on the mobile is also simple and similar. Tap on the hamburger menu. From there go to settings and then scroll down to ‘your Facebook Information’ section. Tap on ‘Transfer a Copy of your Photos of Videos’ and then follow the rest of the steps above.

There is currently no way to transfer selected photos or videos to Google photos. And to be clear, your photos will be only copied to your Google photos account. If you want to remove your Facebook photos you will have to do manually. This is a good update if you want all your photos in one place.

This feature is a part of the Data Transfer Project. It is an agreement between Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Google to make the transfer of data more easier. The Data Transfer Project is announce after the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU. This agreement makes transfer of data easier between different platforms. So that our data is not lock into one platform.

Via Engadget

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