August 11, 2020
elvis presley agent king

Elvis Presley’s Agent King Netflix release date, and what will be the story?

Elvis Presley is getting his own Netflix series as a Spy. It’s called “Agent King” and it will be a comedy animated series.

elvis presley agent king
elvis presley agent king

Elvis Presley, a cultural icon of the 20th century, is also known as King of Rock and Roll. On the occasion of Elvis Presley’s 42nd death anniversary, Netflix announced an Elvis Presley’s animated series. John Eddie is co-creating the series with Priscilla Presley. The series aims to celebrate Elvis’s films, songs and his legacy.

Elvis Presley’s Agent King plot- what will be the storyline?

According to his former wife, Priscilla Presley, as a young teenager he always wanted to fight crime and save the world. Agent King is a tribute to his work, as we will see him fighting bad underworld criminals in the animated series.

According to Netflix’s description, we will see Elvis Presley in his favorite white jumpsuit trading jetpack. Suddenly, he is secretly inducted into a secret spy program to help his country from all the villains, who are plotting something terrible against the America. Now he has to fight bad people to save his country while making his Rock and Roll music.

Jerry Schilling, his longtime best friend, will serve as a consultant to the series. His character also appeared in 2016 film Elvis and Nixon.

Mike Arnold, also known for writing Archer and Road Trip (2019), will be a showrunner, writer and co-executive producer to the series.

Fletcher Moules will be supervising director and co-executive produces. Meanwhile, John Varvatos will be responsible for making Elvi’s wardrobe for the series.

Additionally, Jamie Salter as an executive producer, Marc Rosen and Corey Salter will work as a co-executive producers for the Agent King.

Netflix hasn’t announced any released date for Elvis Presley’s Agent King yet. As the pandemic creating havoc and disrupting all the businesses in the world, we may see some delayed in the plans. Let’s cross our fingers and hope we get to see the animated series before 2021.

Here watch a video from Daily Blast Live.

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