July 14, 2020
10 Conspiracy theories so believable that might be true

10 Conspiracy theories so believable that might be true

Some conspiracy theories were deliberately created to ease the public into accepting internet censorship but some of the conspiracy theories are so believable that might be true.

10. Your phone microphone is listening  to you

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Do you ever feel your microphone constantly hot? It might be your microphone would be listening to your conversation to target advertising. There are instances when an ad on Facebook pops out of nowhere that you never googled or wanted. Yet it is in your feed, the same model you talked it about with your friend.

9. Facebook tries to ruin people’s relationships

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Facebook purposely tries to ruin people’s relationship. More drama gets more views and more views means more ads. Some time ago they introduced this feature in which your comments on other pages would show up on your friend’s feeds. By forcibly combining everybody’s circles they are trying to get more drama or conflict and more conflict means people will be logged on Facebook more often and will see more ads.

8. Vatican secret archives

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Vatican holds horrible secrets and answers to the existential questions. It contains thousands of vaults with thousands of documents that only the pope and people close to him can access to these archives and no one knows what’s in there. There are parts of the bible and Christianity that will never see the light of day.

7. Barack Obama was a CIA operative

Barack Obama, Official Portrait, barack obama conspiracy

Barack Obama maybe have been CIA operative sometime in between graduating from college to working in a company named Bussiness International Corporation. This company is known to have a history linked with the CIA. There is little to none information about this time in Obama’s life. Also, then, the CIA was actively recruiting would have been interested in a young black man with an ivy league degree.

6. Most successful people are sociopath

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Most of the successful people score higher in the sociopathy checklist and are so super sleeper means they need less sleep than the rest of us, usually 5 hours or less. It is more often noticed in businessmen or politicians as they have to take most of the decisions without their emotions overpowering their minds.

For example, Winston Churchill scores higher in the sociopathy checklist.

5. Facebook 10-year challenge conspiracy

Face recognition or face detection by deep learning concept. Face recognition, conspiracy

10-year challenge all over the media is a way to collect more face recognition data similar to ice bucket challenge where you pour water on your head so that cameras recognize you in a rainstorm. Also, fill in the blank with personal information meme look skeptical too. For example, posting about your old house can be based on your common security questions.

4. Tinder and other dating apps conspiracy

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Tinder gives you fake –“you have got new match” notifications so that you can open the app and start swiping. This is a similar case with the “plenty of fish” app.  It is quite easy to see the repeated patterns. For example with tinder, it gives you loads of matches within a couple of days of starting an account and then a couple of matches after 2 weeks so that you continue using the app.

3. Michael Jordan’s father was murdered

Jordan Slam Dunk Competition : News Photo, conspiracy

Michael Jordan’s father was murdered as a penalty for Jordan not paying his huge gambling debt and also he didn’t retire, he was suspended for his gambling issues. In the mid-90s, Jordan was a star. His gambling habits were covered up as it may have cost a lot of money to lots of people.

2. Missing pages in the history of mankind

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There are missing links in the history of mankind. It is believed that our civilization is far older than Mesopotamia and Indus valley civilization. But has been destroyed by a meteorite hitting the icecap from the ice age. The last 10 years have uncovered lots of evidence to support this theory, for example Goblaki tepe in turkey from 10,000 BC and an impact crater in Greenland from 12,000 years ago. This killed most of the giant mammals like sabertooth, Giant Birds and most of the mammoths. It has been found an unexplainable genetic link between people of amazon and aboriginal people of Australia.   

1. People are farmed

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People are made farmed not physically but economically. Capitalism works by making prices such that they are slightly below the expensive. Also, the prices are not adjusted by at what cost they are produced but how much the consumers are willing to pay. So that we all are always kept in a constant state of poorness. This makes certain those at the top maintain control. And for more shocking historical facts you may have missed, check out these 10 Shocking historical facts they don’t teach you at school.

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