August 11, 2020
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Back To Life Season 2 Updates and why did Miri kill her friend in Back to Life?

A bittersweet dark comedy, written by Laura Solon and Daisy haggard stars Daisy Haggard as Miri Matteson, tells the story of a woman, who tries to find her place in the city, after serving 18-year prison sentence for pushing her best friend off the cliff. 

Back to Life Season 2 release date

The first season of the series was released on 10 November 2019, releasing on Showtime. However, back to life season 1 was released seven months earlier in the United Kingdom on BBC iPlayer.

According to thefutoncritic, Showtime renewed Back To Life for it’s second season on 19 November 2019. Season two will be part of six-episode series.

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Where is Back to Life filmed?

Back to life season two is also filmed in England. Filming took place in Kent, Hythe and Dungeness (a headland on coast of Kent).

The Britannia Inn pub located in Dungeness, was used for many scenes in the series.

 Production also visited Lade car park, which is located in Lydd-on-sea for shooting scenes around fish and chip van. 

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Back to Life Season 2 Cast

  • Daisy Haggard also known for her role in popular sitcoms Uncle and Episodes will appear as Miri Matteson, who tries to rebuild her life after serving 18-year long time in prison.
  • Geraldine James, known for her role as Queen Mary in Downton Abbey, will play the role for Miri’s mother, Caroline Matteson.
  • Richard Durden (Agora) will play the role of Miri’s father as Oscar Matteson.
  • Adeel Akhtar known for his role in Murdered by My Father, will play the role Billy, Miri’s love interest in the series.
  • Jo Martin known for her role as Natalie Crouch will play the role of Miri’s parole officer.
  • Jamie Michie as Dom, Miri’s ex-boyfriend and Miri’s mother’s secret affair. 
  • Liam Williams as Nathan, Owner of the fish and chip shop.

Why did Miri kill her friend in Back to life?

why did miri kill her friend her friend in back to life?, back to life season 2. back to life bbc iplayer

During the first season of Back to Life, we came to know that at first Miri’s crime is not clear in the series. However, as the series progresses, it is revealed to viewers that she served 18-year long prison time for pushing her best friend off the cliff. But throughout all the episodes, Miri stands by her claim that she didn’t deliberately kill her best friend but actually was an accident. She also explained that her friend first tried to hurt her but people of the community are not still ready to trust her and still thinks her as some cold-blooded murderer. Which obviously she isn’t!

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What will be the storyline for Back to Life Season 2?

Storyline of Back to Life, which is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer, follows the story of Miri who, after serving two decades long prison, comes back to her home in Hythe, a small market town of England, where she has spent most of her life.

It is later revealed in the series that she was serving jail time for pushing her friend off the cliff in a heated argument. However, she keeps stating that it was an accident and not a cold-blooded murder but people of her hometown are still not ready to accept her.

Throughout the series she tries to rebuild her old relationships, make new friends and desperately wants people to forget about her past.

In the last scene, Miri tells Billy that she wants to start her life, but she feels that she isn’t allowed as society hasn’t forgotten her past. They still think her as psychopath. In the end Billy and Miri hold hands as the final scene comes to an end.

The plot of season two is still not known. We may see whether people have moved on and forget about her past or not. We will also see more of Billy and Miri.

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