August 11, 2020
another life season 2

Another Life Netflix Season 2 cast, plot and Why so much hate for Another Life?

Another Life is a Netflix’s another fantastic, exciting and character driven Science fiction series. Created by Aaron Martin, consists of young cast and many newcomers. First season, which premiered on 25 July 2019, consists of 10-episode, received a lot of criticism for its storyline and screenplay. However, Netflix isn’t ready to end Another Life’s space journey as the series has been renewed for second season.

Another Life Season 2 Cast

Katee Sackhoffas Niko 
Justin Chatwinas Erik Wallace
Samuel Anderson as William
Blu Huntas August Catawnee
A.J. Riveraas Bernie Martinez 
Jake Abelas Sasha Harrison
Alex Ozerovas Oliver Sokolov
Alexander Elingas Javier Almanzar
JayR Tinacoas Zayn Petrossian
Lina Rennaas Jana 
Selma Blairas Harper Glass
Elizabeth Ludlowas Cas Isakovic
Tongayi Chirisaas Richard Ncube

Another Life season 2 Plot

another life season 2

The story starts with a flying object from space lands on earth. Humanity tries to determine whether they are dangerous or not. In the season 1, we came to know that the race of alien is called Achaia, and they are dangerous and threat to humanity, after it destroys the planet Zakir. The Another Life season one ends with Harper Glass, a media influencer, is mind-controlled by Achaia. Achaia makes him to announce to the people of the earth that they are friendly and wants no destruction. This concludes that they want more than the physical destruction of planet. What is their aim? And what happens next? These questions will only be answered when the series rolls out for season two next year.

When is Another Life Season 2 coming out?

The first season of Another Life was released 25 July 2019. Since then, it has garnered many negative reviews. Now, Netflix has announced second season for the series. Filming of season two was expected to end by July this year. However, ongoing pandemic has delayed the filming, now the series’ filming will start on 20 July 2020 and conclude on September 2020. 

Is Sasha an Alien?

Sasha played by Jake Abel, is a son of U.S. Secretary of defense. He looses his mind while under the control of Achaia. He attacks the ship’s computer engineer, Javier Almanzar, and kills him under the influence of spider-like implant placed on his brain. 

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What do the aliens want in Another Life?

What the alien wants is still not sure in the series. It is possible that Achaia may wants to use earth’s resources or maybe they want to use humans like slaves or simply colonize the earth. 

Where is another life filmed?

Another Life is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is known for its beauty as it is surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains and deep blue sea.

Why so much hate for Another Life?

Another Life has received a lot of backlash for its season 1. The show is full of immature teenager with sheer amount of unprofesionalism. There is no depth to the story and near to zero character interaction. Crew, who is supposed to be the finest mind on earth acts like they are in high school. It’s like big brother in space as everyone is yelling, fighting with no regards of a chain of command.


A hodgepodge of science fiction homage, Another Life lacks the distinctive spark necessary to set it apart from the array of stories it aspires to be.


This is an earnest but hard-edged drama about extraterrestrial first contact and deep space exploration that Frankensteins together bits of classics and near-classics. But the whole never congeals into an original statement. And the storytelling is so ungraceful that I got whiplash from the first four episodes.

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