August 11, 2020
animal kingdom season 5

Animal Kingdom season 5 latest updates and What will happen in season 5?

Animal Kingdom is an American crime drama television show based on a book of the same name by David Michod. The show is very similar to the original Australian film of the same name “Animal Kingdom (2010)” but it is more exciting, dark and funny at the same time.

The show follows the story of a 17-years-old boy, who moves in with his distant relatives, the Codys, after his mother’s death due to heroin overdose. The Codys, a criminal family, is headed by Janine “Smurf” Cody and right-hand man, Baz, who runs the business. 

Fans are excited about the new season and when it will be out. Read below what you need to know about the new season and what we can expect from it.

When will season 5 start airing?

TNT renewed the crime drama for the fifth season on 24 July 2019, but due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the production and filming were suspended “until further notice”.

There is no announcement from TNT, whether the season 5 will release later this year or next year.

The cast of Animal Kingdom Season 5

Ellen Barkinas Janine “Smurf” Cody
Scott Speedmanas Barry “Baz” Blackwell
Shawn Hatosyas Andrew “Pope” Cody
Jake Wearyas Deran Cody
Ben Robsonas Craig Cody
Finn Coleas Joshua “J” Cody
Sochi Rodriguezas Mia Benitez
Rigo Sanchez as Mann

What will happen in American Kingdom Season 5?

animal kingdom tnt, animal kingdom season 5

The show ends with death of Smurf in “Ghosts”. The season 5 will focus on power struggle between J and Pope, who will control the business and who will run the family. We might see J coming out on top in season 5. This might be the last season of American Kingdom series.

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What will happen with Deran and Adrian in Animal Kingdom season 5?

deran and adrian

Deran and Adrian are the most popular couple in the show. In the ending scene we see that Adrian confesses his love for Deran but says he is the worst thing happened to him. We are still not sure whether we will see more of Deran and Adrian or not. I think producers will not leave their relationship with a bitter end like that and not even a goodbye kiss! My theory is that we might see Deran and Adrian both reuniting at the end of the show, if Deran survives.

Who killed Baz?

Baz was killed by Mia on the order of Smurf. In eighth episode of fourth season, Mia confesses to “J” that she killed Baz on Pete’s order after smurf had paid Pete to do it. Mia tries to convince him why his family should not be trusted, and he should work for her but J kills Mia instead.

Later in twelfth episode, J takes revenge of Baz by killing Smurf, while she was forcing Pope to kill her.

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