August 11, 2020
emmy rossum as angelyne

Angelyne Peacock TV series plot, cast and Where is Angelyne now?

Angelyne, 1984’s Los Angeles billboard icon, is returning with her own miniseries. Created by Nancy Olive, starring Emmy Rossum as Angelyne.

The TV miniseries will be releasing on Universal’s new OTT platform. The series will follow the story of Angelyne, a famous icon of the 1980s, who became famous after appearing on series of billboards across the Los Angeles in 1984.

The miniseries is set to release on 15th July only on Peacock TV.

Who is in the cast of Angelyne TV series?

Jefferson Hall will play the role of Rick Krauss while Emmy Rossum (Shameless) will play the role of Angelyne, the main protagonist. Meanwhile, Brian Carpenter will appear as Wally George and Lukas Gage, also known for his role in Assassination Nation (2018) will play the role of Max Allen.

Angelyne TV series plot – what is the story?

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The miniseries follows the story of Hollywood Reporter’s investigative article about Angelyne, mysterious billboard queen. 

In 2017, Gary Baum, senior writer from The Hollywood Reporter, published a writer on Angelyne. Baum, was able to discover the real identity of Angelyne and her rise to fame as the pink corvette driving lady, who shot to the fame in Los Angeles after appearing on numerous billboard in 80s and 90s.

Angelyne’s real name was Renee Goldberg. Baum described her as Kim Kardashian before Kim Kardashian.

What is Angelyne’s real identity?

Angelyne’s real identity was disclosed by Gary Baum, in an article published for The Hollywood Reporter. She was born in Poland as Ronia Tamar Goldberg. Her father and mother were Holocaust survivor, who after escaping from Nazi concentration camp, settled in Israel, and finally immigrating to Los Angeles, United States.

Where is Angelyne now?

Angelyne is a frequent user of Instagram. She regularly updates her Instagram with her old photoshoots and billboard photos. She also has her own website, where she sells her music and merchandise. You can even have personal experience with Angelyne and her pink Corvette for just $500. She is also an executive producer on the series based on her life. Emmy Rossum recently shared a photo with Angelyne on Instagram. She is playing as Angelyne in the miniseries based on her life.

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