August 11, 2020
absentia season 2

Absentia Season 3 latest updates and Why did Tommy kill himself in absentia?

Absentia, an American thriller drama, is a series with great storyline and numerous unexpected twists. The series already has a huge fan base in US. It’s first season was initially released on AXN. Now after two popular seasons, Amazon Prime has renewed the series for its third installment. 

The series follows the story of an FBI agent Emily Byrne, who reappears after being declared dead in absentia, must win back her family and prove her innocence, after she becomes major suspect in a string of murder. 

Absentia season 3 Cast

We’ll see Stana Katic reclaiming her role of an FBI agent Emily, who disappears after tracking down the serial killer. 

Nick Durand, Emily’s husband, who remarries after Emily’s disappearance, is played by  Patric Heusinger. He raises his and Emily’s child with his new wife, Alice. Role of Nick’s new wife is played by Cara Theobold, also known for her voice acting as tracer in the video game Overwatch.

Nick’s 9-year-old son, Flynn Durand is played by Patrick McAuley. Meanwhile, role of Jack Byrne, Emily’s older brother, is played by Neil Jackson. He is a former surgeon but later lost his job due to heavy drinking problem, after the disappearance of Emily. 

Christopher Colquhoun as special FBI agent Derek Crown and Lydia Leonard will be seen playing the role of Logan Brandt / Laurie Colson. 

Additionally, Mathew le Nevez, Special agent Cal Issac and Natasha Little, Special agent Julianne Gunnarsen will reprise their respective role in season 3.

Furthermore, fans will witness newcomers in the show. Geoff Bell and Josette Simon will play the role of a fixer named Colin Dawkins, who works for an international criminal establishment.

Plot of absentia season 3 – what will be the storyline?

For viewers, who haven’t watched the series yet. Absentia, follows the story of an FBI agent, who disappears while tracking down the serial killer. 6-years-later, she is found malnourished, almost dead, locked in a cabin without any memory of the incident. She comes back to her husband, who has remarried and raising their child with his new wife. Now, she has to reclaim her family, but she soon finds herself prime suspect in a new murder mystery.

In season 3, we will see Emily waiting for her suspension period to end while trying hard to become an ideal mother to her son. Meanwhile, Nick’s past crawls back and threatens to tear the family part. This season will test Emily’s love, trust and faith and will force her to love again, trust again. Maybe this will make her to realize her correct place in the world.

Release date – Will there be Season 3 of absentia?

Yes, definitely there will be a season 3 of absentia. Amazon Prime announced on 2nd July that the series will release on 17th July only on Amazon Prime OTT platform.

Why did Tommy kill himself in absentia?

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After, Emily ended the relationship with him, he ended up getting caught doing Emily’s secret task. Following that, he lost is job too. Seeing everything falling apart in his life, he couldn’t take it anymore and decided to take his own life.

Did Emily kill Adam absentia?

When Emily sees herself as prime suspect on TV for killing Adam. She immediately calls Nick to tell him that she is innocent, and told him that it is impossible for her to kill Adam as the real killer was watching her all the time.

Who is the real killer in absentia?

absentia season 2, absentia amazon prime, logan brandt absentia

In the final episode, it is revealed that Logan Brandt was behind all the killings. Logan Brandt was the journalist investigating Emily.

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