August 11, 2020
3 percent

3% Season 4 finale air date, cast, plot and why did they kill Fernando in 3%

A Brazilian web series, 3% is the first Portuguese language Netflix show, created by Pedro Aguilera and produced by César Charlone and Tiago Mello. It is a futuristic dystopian thriller that gets better and better with each episode. 3% is set in a futuristic world where people are given chance to make it to the “better side”, but only 3% can succeed.

As the series is in fourth and final season, all you need to know about 3%, is covered in this article.

Will there be a season 4 of 3%?

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3% season 1, released on November 2016, is now heading towards season 4. In August 2019, Netflix announced that 3% will be back on Netflix for its fourth and final season. However, due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s released date has not been announced yet.

Who will be the cast in season 4?

3 percent, 3 netflix, 3 netflix season 4
João Miguelas Ezequiel, the head of the Process
Bianca Comparatoas Michele Santana
Michel Gomesas Fernando Carvalho
Rodolfo Valente as Rafael Moreira
Vaneza Oliveira as Joana Coelho
Rafael Lozano as Marco Álvares
Viviane Porto as Aline
Zeze Mottaas Nair  
Mel Fronckowiakas Julia
Sergio Mambertias Matheus

3% season 4 plot – What will be the storyline?

3 percent, 3 netflix, 3 netflix season 4

We see in season 3, the show ends with Michele and the Shell people deciding to finally attack the offshore. Andre Santana, brother of Michele and the first person to commit murder in offshore, took over the offshore and declared war on the Cause and the Shell. Marcela is arrested by the Shell, but someone left the note stating that she has an ally in the shell. So, based on this we might see an all out war in season 4. 

Those who haven’t seen this series yet. 3% is a Brazilian Netflix’s web series, set in a dystopian world, where the world is divided into advancement and ruination. And the link between both the world is “The Process”. People in Inland are given chance to go through the Process to have a better life. However, only 3% can make it through.

Why did they kill Fernando in 3%?

Fernando died in 3% when he was attacked by people for trying to get them to come to the shell. Fernando Carvalho, a wheelchair user,  his father fostered in him a single purpose, to pass the Purpose.

What is the cause in 3%?

The Cause is a rebellion formation against the Process. Their main purpose is to fight against the system of Inland vs offshore, the 3% rule. In season 2 they try to bomb the 105th Process to end this once for all but were unsuccessful. 

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