July 14, 2020
shocking historical facts

10 Shocking historical facts they don’t teach you at school

School teaches us the fundamental things but some facts are always forgotten or intentionally removed from our books. However some historical facts will never be taught in schools.Here is the top 10 list of shocking historical facts that never will be taught in our school.

10. Human Zoos

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Human zoos used to exist up until 1958. They were everywhere, including the Bronx zoo in the 1920s where white people would pay money to see aboriginal people from around the world. The crystal palace of London exhibited such human zoos to demonstrate aboriginal people’s living habits and their conditions.

9. Middle Eastern were more involved in slave trades

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Slave trades were common in earlier times and middle eastern countries were more involved in African slave trades. USA not even accounted for close to a quarter of the slave trade. Also it is well-publicized in records, poor white people were also part of the slave trade from 300 BC until the 1700s. They were often subjected to tortures, lynching and other horrible things.

8. Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to serving poor people and poverty. However her methods were questionable, she thought suffering brings people closer to god so she denied painkillers in her hospital. She believed more in prayer than in proper treatment that’s why her hospital had high death rates.

7. American-Phillippians War

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Imagine resisting colonial power for hundreds of years, people moved their family to get away from violence and then suddenly another colonizer appears and tells you to move.

In the American-Phillipian war many villagers fled to a volcanic crater, there were Philippian’s guerrillas in there. American governor of that province told villagers they had no interest in fighting them and to drop weapons. and suddenly Americans charged with all their modern artillery. Around 1000 people were massacred that day. This is one of the shocking historical facts that is neglected from most of the school books.

6. Violet Jessop

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One of the survivors of the sinking of the titanic ship. She also survived the bombing of its sister ship and ramming of other sister ship Olympic. She is the only woman who has survived 3 sinking incidents. During the sinking of Olympic, she used her experience to tell other nurses to put their safety life belts under their coat. So if they ended in the ocean they could ditch their coats.

5. The battle of Saraghari

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In 1897 India, 21 Sikh soldiers confronted 10,000 Pashtun soldier army forces. They were heavily outnumbered still they managed to stand still for 7 hours and managed to kill 1700 Pashtun soldiers before losing their posts and their lives. This managed to get a word back home and an army to militarized and come recapture the post. This was only time in British history that all soldiers were given the highest award.

4. Corporal Wojtek

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There was a bear named Corporal Wojtek in the Polish military during the second world war. He was nice to people and would take part in military actions like carrying ammunition. He would smoke cigars and drank vodka. After the war, he was transferred to the zoo where his companions would visit him and wrestled with him. He is considered as an idol in Poland.

Let’s see our last top 3 shocking historical facts.

3. German army and Methamphetamines

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During the world war 2, the German army was given methamphetamines during the invasion of France/Belgium/Netherlands in 1940. For 3 days the German armies moved without any rest. No sleeping or rest for 3 days straight. If they get tired they would just give them more Meth. They also played a major role in a panzer division when they wouldn’t stop even after taking orders from higher officials. In the end Hitler himself personally ordered a halt.  

2.  Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor, 1922

Thomas Edison was not as good as he is portrayed in the media. He tried to tarnish the image of Westinghouse who had a better, more efficient and more reliable electric power transmission system. He used to pay small children to bring him stray dogs which were then electrocuted with the Westinghouse system to “prove” it was more dangerous. Also, he had a long feud with Nikola Tesla over AC and DC

1. Carl Emil Pettersson

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Carl Emil Pettersson was a Swedish sailor who was born in the 1800s. He showed interest in sailing from an early age. His history lesson begins with him at the age of 30 in the year of 1904. He suffered a shipwreck on Tabar Island. Their inhabitants practiced cannibalism and instead of being devoured married the king’s daughter, became the king and live a successful life by starting a successful coconut plantation. And if you like these shocking historical facts then, check out these 10 Crazy Facts You Wished You Didn’t Know.

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