July 14, 2020

10 Important news that are being ignored because of COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, right now it is dominating the news worldwide, this is causing critical news important to us to be ignored. So let’s look at the 10 Important news that are being ignored because of COVID-19.

10. US government is going to ban end-to-end encryption.

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US government was planning for a long time to ban end-to-end encryption. Companies that are using this feature would be stripped of their section 230 protection and will be deemed as responsible if any illegal stuff is found on their platform. Because of this companies will abide and remove their end-to-end encryption but will be a host to no. of vulnerabilities and security issues.

9. Ebola outbreak has ended

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Finally, the two-year-long Ebola epidemic has ended in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was a terrible disease that could kill 90% of its victims. For now, Ebola has gone and the last patient has been treated successfully but it can always come back in the future. COVID-19 is also a horrible disease and it has killed more people simply because it is highly contagious.

8. Anti-CP law

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USA government is trying to pass the “anti-CP law” which is aimed to prosecute pedophiles but it is nothing more than a power grab as this law gives the power to the government to read all of people’s messages without permission. It is that the government has given this law a fancy name so that people would accept this without any criticism.

7. Egypt and Ethiopia are going to war

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Egypt and Ethiopia are close to going to war and reason is that Ethiopia is building a dam on the Nile river and its water is shared between both the countries so building a dam would divert the flow of river away from Egypt. Ethiopian government is refusing to honor the previous agreement made between the two countries and they refuse to negotiate with the Egyptian government.

6. Bill Gates leaving Microsoft

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Bill Gates left Microsoft, he was on board for a long time but he didn’t care and did his charities. He has all the money in the world which he uses in his philanthropic work. He has given donations in every corner of the world. Due to his social work and charities, he hasn’t been active in recent years and Microsoft can manage itself through other board members. He instead chooses his passion that is his philanthropic work.

5. Inhofe’s 2nd Insider scandal

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A couple of years ago Inhofe bought a lot of Raytheon stocks after talking to Donal Trump about increasing military spending. This was an insider trading scandal and Inhofe’s 2nd insider trading investigation. This makes us wonder why politicians shouldn’t be allowed to own stocks as we may never know how many more subtle buys and sells were done on privy information.


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Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR – pronounced crisper) just revolutionized the medical science. CRISPR was successfully injected into a patient to treat genetically caused blindness. It utilizes the Cas9 enzyme and a plasmid to cut DNA and insert the sequence of nucleic acid you desire. With this help of technology one can replace their undesirable gene with something else developed in a lab.

3. Comet C/2019 Atlas Y4

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Next month we might encounter the brightest comet in the northern hemisphere since 1997. Comet named “C/2019 Atlas Y4” will be visible to our naked eyes and might be the brightest things in the night sky. Albeit no one has heard it or hardly any coverage of this news due to pandemic COVID-19.

2. Earthquake in Zagreb Croatia

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Zagreb suffered the worst earthquake since 1880. Quarantine prevented deaths because without the quarantine death tolls would be in the 100+ category, since in the central district, a huge amount of debris from old buildings collapsed on the streets below. A 15-year-old girl died because the part of debris collapsed on her head. In one church its roof collapsed luckily if there were no attendees present at that time because of COVID-19, everyone was quarantined at their homes.

1. Locusts plaguing East Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent

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Locusts are plaguing over East Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent. They are being described as large as the New York, eating harvest wherever they go, threatening a large scale famine. Without COVID-19 we can try to mobilize their population similar to the way we did for the Zika virus. Because of the second cyclone hit out during their breeding cycle, their population exploded and now they are described as large as 3 times NYC. If they mass migrated it can cause serious famines worldwide.And for shocking historical facts you may have missed, check out these 10 Shocking historical facts they don’t teach you at school.

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