July 14, 2020
10 crazy facts you wish didn’t know

10 crazy facts you wish didn’t know

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Do you know that? if you are dead at your home and there is nobody to feed, your pets might eventually start eating your corpse because of starvation. Here are 10 crazy facts you wish you didn’t know.

10. Doctors used to perform of toddlers without anesthesia

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Doctors used to believe toddlers as old as 15 months don’t feel pain. So doctors used to perform surgery without anesthesia. Doctors would use muscle relaxants on the babies to prevent them from squirming, paralyzing them for the whole surgery so that they wouldn’t move. How long ago was this? Reports suggest that this continued up until the 1980s. These crazy facts might make you think again.

9. People create false memories

People create false memories, crazy facts

People can create false memories. That’s why memories brought back from therapeutic hypnosis don’t hold up in court. Your mind makes up something that never happened or didn’t happen quite you remember.

8. Women breast implants

crazy facts, Women breast implants
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

When women with breast implants are cremated their implants will melt into goo. It drips to the end of the furnace and needs to be cleaned once cooled. If you think this fact is disturbing, wait until you read our next crazy facts. They might give you some serious chills.

7. Company that used to produce chemical gases for Nazis

Company that used to produce chemical gases for Nazis, crazy facts

Bayer, once used to be called I.G Farben. They used to produce chemical gases for Nazis that were used in the concentration camp. In the 1980s they discovered that most of their plasma was infected with HIV. so what they do? Instead of destroying those plasma stockpiles, they shipped it overseas to Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe and sold it. This resulted in thousands of people suffering from HIV.

6. Frozen Dead Bodies on Mount Everest

crazy facts, Frozen Dead Bodies on Mount Everest

There are over 200 frozen bodies on Mount Everest and they are used as a stopping point for climbers. There is so much human waste from people that it has tainted the local water supply of the villages at the bottom of the mountain. Then there was a woman named Maria Strydom who tried to climb the mountain without eating meat, she died on the attempt.

5. Humans are too poisonous

crazy facts, Humans are too poisonous

Humans mouth is a home to large no of bacteria. If someone mistakenly bites you and bacteria enters your bloodstream there is a high possibility you might not survive. The average adult has a biting force high enough to rip off someone’s throat out with their teeth.

4. First successful face transplant

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The first successful face transplant took place in 1994 on an 8-year-old girl named Sandeep Kaur, who got her entire face ripped off in half by getting her hair caught in thresher. Her parents came in with her face in two pieces in a plastic bag. However, she survived and grew up to going college.

The world around us is beautiful but unpredictable. People will never stop trying to solve all the interesting mysteries and prove the crazy facts that you really want to believe in. Let’s see our last top 3 crazy facts.

3. Dead person can hear sounds

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Neurologist studies have shown that a dead person can keep hearing sounds near him for about 6 minutes, this is because oxygen keeps flowing to your brain even after you are dead. 6 minutes is the time it takes your brain to die from a lack of oxygen.

2. You cant swim below 10 meters

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At about 10 meters of depth in water, the pressure from water compresses you deep into the water, it compresses you past the point of buoyancy. Once that happens you are not diving into the water you are falling into the water. To return to the surface you need to climb back to the point where you can naturally swim.

1. Bystander CPR are ineffective

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Bystander CPR is not as effective as you see in movies. They are largely ineffective in about 45% of the people who received CPR make it to the hospital and around 10% are discharged. So even if the success rate is so low it’s the best possible thing to do until more skilled help/AED arrives. who knows knowledge of these crazy facts might save your life one day.

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